How To Work With Me

I offer online health coaching and personal training to help clients take on the barriers that have held back their health. This works well for people who are short on time and want the flexibility of a program they can do anywhere. I use a variety of tools to find what support works best for each person. For some, the simplicity of a phone or zoom call works best. For others, I use online planning boards or a smartphone app where clients can track habits, workouts and nutrition in seconds.

Before working together, I like to do a 30 minute phone consultation. It’s important that a client and coach are a good fit and this helps both of us to assess that. Please email me (Carol Linstid) at to set up a time that works for you.

For more information about what I do and the kinds of problems I can help with, please see below.


One-on-One Health & Wellness Coaching

What is it like to work with a health and wellness coach?

Doctor appointments rarely include enough time to mesh their recommendations with your reality. A health coach helps you examine and navigate the barriers to change. You are the expert on your health history, goals, and relationship to movement and food. A coach works to support you and the rest of your health team. Working with a partner helps you build the skills you need to break down big goals into doable actions. 


Here is an example.

Goal: “My doctor says I’m prediabetic. I want to improve my A1C blood work to avoid diabetes.”

Obstacles: “I love carbs! Cooking big shared meals is important to my family. I don’t have time to make things more complicated in my life right now.”

These obstacles don’t go away with a 5-day cleanse or the latest HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

I don’t offer quick fixes. Instead, I work with you to identify what’s important to you. Then we define what progress would look like to you. Then we move on to how to get started based on your real life and circumstances. Over time, you’ll learn to navigate those obstacles in ways that honor what’s important to you, and moves you towards your goal. A coach can help you figure out how to get started and keep momentum. In the end, you should have changes you’re happy with. Your new normal should be better than the old one. 


Here are some examples of the goals that a coach can help you work towards:

  • Getting more energy
  • Creating a better relationship with food 
  • Finding ways to be more active that you enjoy
  • Finding a weight that feels right for you
  • Sleeping better
  • Managing stress


Why work with a personal trainer?

I didn’t realize until well into my 30’s that my lack of innate athletic talent doesn’t prevent me from enjoying movement. I want to demystify exercise and help it become something you look forward to. It’s empowering to feel yourself growing stronger, more flexible, and have more energy than you’ve had in years. 


Falling in love with running and martial arts has enriched my life. It’s also given me plenty of challenges to learn from. I’ve faced several interruptions from injuries over the years. Each time, I’ve used my training to come back stronger. I’ve learned how to incorporate injury prevention into my own routines and I enjoy helping others with this as well. 


We all come to exercise with our histories etched into our bodies. For some it’s an ankle, knee, shoulder or back that has flared up during past attempts to start exercising. The ability to move easily, without pain, is something we take for granted until it’s lost. 

I support clients to move more, move easier, and move better for life.